Benjamin Perlin

Benjamin Perlin - Photographer in Nashville, Tennessee

Benjamin "Ben" Perlin envisions the world with a frame around it and marvels at photography's ability to make a fleeting moment permanent. Over the years, he has experimented with a range of subject matter, aesthetic styles, and artistic techniques. In addition to his accomplishments as a photographer, Benjamin Perlin is deeply interested in computers and robotics. He has been a member of the Middle Tennessee Robotics Club for approximately eight years and helped build the electronics for a racecar as a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers. He has also volunteered with multiple nonprofits including Habitat for Humanity and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Benjamin Perlin's hobbies include sailing and playing both piano and guitar. He is also a current candidate for a black belt in karate. An avid world traveler, Ben Perlin has visited Paris, London, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Tokyo, and the Caribbean. Although he does not cook, he occasionally enjoys making giant pancakes.

Address: Nashville, TN, US


Tennessee State Veteran's Home


Jul 1, 2016 - Present

Habitat For Humanity


Jan 1, 2016 - Present