Andreas Porevopoulos

Experienced backend web developer
Phone: +30.6974114246
Address: Greece

Born in Athens, Greece in July of 1969, love computers and programming since high school, a passionate sailor and licensed amateur radio operator. Open minded, eager to learn new things, adaptable and an excellent team player. I believe my strong asset is my analytic way of thinking and giving solutions to problems. I am always seeking new challenges in development, that will enrich and expand my expertise.



  • nearly 20 years in general web development (LAMP stack)
  • hand-on experience in agile, dev-ops and test-driven development
  • virtual servers management, AWS EC2
  • experience with infrastructure monitoring
  • experience in fully automated system provisioning


Software Engineer Level 2

March 2016 -Present

Developing, maintaining and supporting backend applications of Openbet for Ladbrokes. In charge of daily build deployment and release deployment to customers' environment.

Technologies used:

  • Linux, Apache
  • Informix, TCL
  • git, jenkins. maven

Project Alexandros - PBO

Full stack developer, System admin

October 2015 - March 2016

Implemented a medical application which allows patients, nurses and doctors to exchange information and data, through mobile terminals. Due to the nature of the information, security and integrity is a primary concern. Mobile terminals are connected to the server through a secure OpenVPN tunnel and exchange data with ftp. Django is used for user management, VPN configuration and information exchange.

Technologies used:

• OpenVPN, ProFTPd
• Celery, Redis, Nginx, Uwsgi
• Django, Postgres,Ansible

Barcode Robot

LAMP web developer freelance

October 2013 to Present
Full stack development of application and web API backend. Helped in setting up the automated test and deployment process using Ansible and CircleCI. Integrated AWS upscale features and deployment of custom services.
Technologies used:
  • Flask, python
  • Nginx, uwsgi, PostgreSQL
  • Ansible, git, CircleCI


Freelancer - LAMP web developer (Django/Python)

September 2013 to March 2016
I am currently working as a freelancer at oDesk and developing different web applications in django, flask and python. Many of these projects have been backed by full unit and end-to-end testing both front-end UI and back-end using Selery, Casper.js and others    

My profiles can be viewed at:


Django developer - freelance

October 2011 to Present
Dream Solutions provides installation, support and training for
two major Greek ERP applications. Both lacked a web interface,
not giving the ability for their users to access ERP information remotely. Dream Solutions' Erp4all is filling this gap.

“ERP4ALL” - Dream Solutions

The application is a portal between the Internet and the ERP's
application server.

Key features:
• Each user is able to make his own forms and reports for
accessing the ERP data. Choosing which fields to include, field
position, size and type.
• User administration with separate permissions per form for
insert, modify and delete records.
• Content management system for in house web page creation.
• Simple message system between users.
• Document management per form and record.
• Goggle maps integration showing customer/supplier addresses
and directions from either company premises or from mobile
• Two different templates each having several colour variations.
Each user can set his own.
• Multilingual support, Greek and English translations provided
• Can be deployed with Apache, IIS, nginx, cherryPy to Linux or
Windows servers
Technologies used:
• Django/PostgreSQL for the backend 
• jQuery, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile for the front-end 
• HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Twitter Bootstrap
I am in charge for developing the Erp4All project, providing executables for Linux and Windows and deploying it to AWS EC2 servers with automated test and deploy processes.
I also develop custom solutions for connecting various e-shop sites with the customer's ERP applications with the use of web APIs.

ASA Jewellery Ltd

IT department

November 1992 to February 2016
ASA Jewelry is a leading jewelry manufacturing company with
more than 30 years in the Greek market.

“OpenERP” - Completed
I have installed and configured OpenERP as the company's main
application. Developed custom modules needed especially for
the jewelry industry, trained the users and have provided support.

Modules developed:
• Wastage calculation of production.
• Earnings or loses in regard to gold price fluctuation.
• Customer classification per weight of gold purchased and not

Technologies used:
• Python
• CherryPy
• Postgres
• Linux servers – Windows clients

System Administrator

January 1996 to April 2006
WebHellas was a company providing web hosting and web site
development. I was one of the founders and exited when I
started the OpenERP project for ASA Jewelry.
I was in charge of Linux servers administration and security.
Created several sites and eshops either with CMS like Joomla or
Magento or entirely custom with PHP and HTML.

Technologies used:
• Linux – Ubuntu, Suse
• Apache, PHP, HTML
• MySQL, Joomla, Magento


A native Android app for calculating and storing games scores.

Various projects at gitgub

When work allows it I am contributing to various open source projects.

Bitbucket account

My bitbucket account.
My personal blog, where I have posted a series of python + GTK tutorials in Greek.



Various Online Courses

  • Machine Learning - Stanford University
  • Software Defined Networks - GIT
  • Web analytics and Big data - IITD
  • Cryptography I - Stanford University
  • Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps - UI
  • Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems - University of Maryland
  • Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems - Vanderbilt University
    Coursera profile:

MongoDB University

MongoDB for Developers

Eight weeks course for MongoDB and it's python api.


Management Information Systems

1992 to 1993
Two year seminar on Management Information Systems and Accounting.

Control Data Inc

Bachelor's degree

1988 to 1990
Two year curriculum in Systems Programming and Analysis. At the second year I was assistant to Unix professor.





AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Amazon Web Services


Certificate Number: AWS-ASA-4010723

Certified Network Professional


Training course and certification for installing and maintaining networks with 3Com's products.


Python, django, flask, Javascript, jQuery, node, angularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Websockets, Java, Android, Linux administration, shell scripting, Unit testing, git, Eclipse, PyCharm, Python AWS, EC2 S3, OpenERP



(Full professional proficiency)


Panos Kontos

CEO at Dream Solutions

December 2013
Andreas is an excellent developer and he is an asset to our company. He si capable of handling every problem and request assigned to him. Most of the time his broad way of thinking and experience leads to a better solution than originally conceived.

Savvakis Giorgos

Owner ASA Jewelry LTD

Highly recommended, able to deliver and support complex projects. Andreas changed our information process for the better.