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Headquarters: West Palm Beach, FL

That’s what we call our Technical Support team members because you’re not just here to answer technical questions… you’re here to help customers achieve their goals and find success using our product. You are motivated by helping small businesses win, and win more often. You believe in the value of quality technical support as a career and discipline.

To love this role, here’s the type of person you are:
  • You find deep satisfaction in helping others to grow and succeed.
  • When unexpected things come up, or you're under time pressure, you're eager to rise to the occasion and help your team rise with you.
  • You’re an excellent and consistent communicator who makes sure nothing slips through the cracks - even if that means having difficult conversations.
  • You’re a self-starter who loves taking initiative and seeing things through to completion.
  • You're a committed life-long learner, and know that you have at least as much to learn from your team as they do from you.
  • You take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of your work rather than just doing it to get it done.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
  • You will be a member of our Customer Success team. The Customer Success team is responsible for reducing churn and increasing customers' use of OptinMonster.
  • During your first 3 months, you’ll spend the majority of your time training in HelpScout by answering support questions, reading documentation and watching videos/webinars to build up your understanding of how OptinMonster works.
  • After that, you’ll spend 70-80% of your time in HelpScout and/or live chat software directly helping customers resolve technical challenges they're having using OptinMonster. 
  • You will help our customers understand how to do the things they're already trying to do. You’ll help them figure out why things aren’t working as expected, whether it’s because of a mistake they made, or a bug on our end.
  • You'll also share the potential for how they could use OptinMonster beyond the ways they're currently using it.
  • You’ll often collaborate directly with Product developers to solve a customer's problem, or you’ll document it thoroughly to be worked on later and follow up with the customer once it is fixed. 
  • You’ll help the Customer Success team identify positive and negative trends coming from customers so we can respond quickly and appropriately.
  • When appropriate, you'll recommend upgrades, or cross-sell other AwesomeMotive products.
  • When OptinMonster launches any new features or improvements, you'll help make sure our documentation is updated in a simple, easy-to-understand way.
  • You’ll also help beta test features yourself and with customers.
  • With the rest of your time, you'll work on at least one "rock" each quarter. A rock is a project that helps move us move closer to accomplishing our annual goals. You’ll have input into what rocks you’re assigned.
  • You’ll attend Customer Success meetings weekly. Your input during both will genuinely inform the OptinMonster roadmap, so it's important to come prepared to share your thoughts. You’ll help us make sure we're working on the right things based on real customer feedback and data you collect.
  • Once a month, the Customer Success team will take time to work on identifying and prioritizing potential improvements to the product. It’s up to you to collect and thoroughly document feature requests throughout the month so that you can most effectively represent our customers' goals during that process.
  • You’ll use your natural curiosity to learn more about marketing, sales, and support, and to grow your technical skills. You'll freely share what you've learned with the rest of the team.
  • You’ll help our team craft better internal processes and systems, too.
  • The hardest thing about this role is having a deep sense of empathy for solving customer problems, but also balancing that with the big picture priorities for the business. This means sometimes being able to kindly, but firmly, tell a customer no.

Skills you'll need to succeed in this role:
  • You are already a technical support professional. You DEFINITELY already know CSS/HTML, but you bring more to the table than that. Maybe you also are fluent in JS, Vue or React. You might understand how to use webhooks and APIs. Maybe you are excellent at testing, QA, debugging or documentation, or maybe you have in-depth knowledge of Google Analytics. 
  • You have experience using or supporting email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Drip, etc…
  • You have experience using or supporting Content Management Systems or eCommerce platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, and WooCommerce.
  • You understand that what seems easy to you might seem like a technical nightmare to a customer and you won’t make them feel bad for feeling that way.
  • You love helping people and are genuinely curious about solving challenging issues for them. 
  • You will become an OptinMonster expert. You’ll provide technical support for a marketing product, so you’ll have to know the product inside out technically AND and the business use cases for it. 
  • You have a healthy perspective on the tension between day-to-day support and long-term product vision. 
  • You can write conversational English very well and are excellent at thoroughly explaining complicated things in a simple way. 
  • You take initiative and ownership to see things through to completion. If it needs doing, you do it without being asked.
  • You're not afraid to experiment. We’re already very good at what we do, so getting from good to great requires creativity beyond the obvious. You embrace the chance to grow and get better. We work together as a team, and that means we encourage each other to improve as a team, too.
  • You are located in the Eastern US time zone and are able to work between 9AM and 5PM EST. While our Product Success team is distributed around the world, at this time we need further support in this time zone.

Bonus points if you also have:
  • Proven track record working in a support team.
  • Experience working and communicating remotely.
  • Experience using OptinMonster or other similar tools.
  • Experience using or supporting content optimization software like Google Content Experiments or Google Tag Manager, Optimizely or VWO

What we offer

Working for a fast-growing bootstrapped company is a rare opportunity, one we consider a lifestyle choice rather than a job choice. Our positions are challenging, but also come with amazing advantages and fulfillment to those who earn them. Here’s what we offer.
  • Competitive Salary.
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance benefits for full-time U.S. employees.
  • Work from your home. We’re spread out all over the world – United States, Canada, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, Singapore and more.
  • Unlimited PTO after 90 days of employment. We encourage employees to take the time they need for vacation, to stay healthy, and to spend time with friends and family.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave.
  • We happily provide or reimburse software you’ll need, as well as books or courses that promote continued learning.
  • We give you the opportunity to solve challenging and meaningful problems that make a difference.
  • Custom branded laptop at your five year anniversary.
  • We cover all costs of company travel (including our annual all-company retreat).
  • Ability to work with some of the best people in the business through frequent, if not daily, interactions.
  • And in case you were wondering: no politics, no b.s., and no jerks.

Location and Hours

This is a remote position - our team is spread around the globe!

Our home base is in Florida, USA, so company operating hours -- and work hours for this position -- are 9am - 5pm ET (UTC -5)
  • Personal computer with internet access.
  • Work hours of 9am - 5pm ET.
  • Ability to participate in video meetings at any times needed during work hours.

Inclusion Statement

At Awesome Motive, we strive to have the broadest possible view of diversity, going beyond visible differences to include the background, experiences, skills, and perspectives that make each person unique. Awesome Motive is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity, Veteran status, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law.

How to apply?

If you think you're a good fit for everything shared above, then please submit your application!

Please clearly include the following in your cover letter:
  • Your previous management experience, including your approach to working with team members.
  • Your experience with WordPress, and particularly professional WordPress support.
  • A bit about yourself and why you should be considered. Team culture is very important to us, so in addition to your experience and qualifications, please help us to see your personality/get to know who you are.
  • Profile links if available (Your website,, GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).
  • In three sentences or less, in your own words, tell us how you think OptinMonster helps small businesses.

Also note, don't forget to proofread before submitting. Check spelling, capitalization, etc. This is your chance to make your application stand out :)

We won’t be able to individually respond to all applications, but if we feel you’re a strong match, someone will be in touch shortly.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

To apply: