James Neumann | Billboards | Chicago

Leading a Respected Outdoor Advertising Company

James Neumann is a respected media and entertainment executive who guides OOS Investments, LLC, as chairman and CEO. His firm maintains a leadership position in the billboards and outdoor advertising sphere spanning the USA. James Neumann is also the head of the affiliated Optic Outdoor Signs, Inc., which reaches millions of people on a monthly basis through North American billboard advertising.

Mr. Neumann's background in advertising extends to early experience gained as a 3M outdoor sign installer. He also engaged with companies such as New York's City Outdoor. He currently leads a team of his hand-picked employees in ensuring that local communities have access to premier entertainment and information services.

Family is an important part of Mr. Neumann's life, and he enjoys outdoor activities such as golf and boating in his free time. He has traveled across the United States and throughout Europe, as well as Mexico and Brazil. James Neumann makes time to mentor young entrepreneurs in the startup process, with an aim of creating businesses that make the world a better place.

Address: Chicago, IL, US
Website: http://www.doyoubuzz.com/james-neumann


OOS Investments


Dec 1, 1985