Rao Chalasani

Rao Chalasani: C-Level Financial Systems Engineer in New Jersey

Rao Chalasani graduated in 1994 from New York University's Polytechnic School of Engineering in Brooklyn, New York, setting the highest grade point average in his major. For his outstanding scholastic achievements, Rao Chalasani earned the distinction of being the only engineering student to be selected the "Leadership and Management Development Program" sponsored by JP Morgan Chase.

After completing the program, Rao Chalasani remained with JP Morgan Chase until 2006. His duties ranged from managing a technical support team for 12 interest-rate derivative business traders to integrating and automating back office functions. Mr. Chalasani went on to hold a number of executive positions with other financial services providers such as SunGard Data Systems, Merrill Lynch, and Deutsche Bank. At these firms, his responsibilities primarily involved the development of scalable trading platforms for domestic and foreign markets (NeoVest, TradeWeb, WinFITS). Most recently, Mr. Chalasani held a position with Bank of America-Merrill Lynch (BofA) as the Chief Technology Officer and Director.

Address: Livingston, NJ
Website: http://about.me/raochalasani


Polytechnic University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

May 1991 to May 1994


Technology Executive