Nate Cornell

Software Developer
Location: Palo Alto, CA

Full-stack web developer with 4+ years of experience in every stage of the software development lifecycle. Skilled in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS3, and Javascript.

Practitioner of modern PHP techniques such as OOP favoring composition, using lambdas to add flexibility, and using Composer for dependency management.

Outside work, I like to play with functional languages (Haskell, Clojure), and experiment with Machine Learning using Python.


R&B Communications

Senior Software Developer

March 2015 - Present
  • Increased parser performance by 10X, resulting in improved scalability and lower infrastructure expenditure
  • Virtualized client processes by developing integrations between systems, increasing productivity and accuracy of their data and reporting
  • Developed a git workflow and trained + led the development team in collaborating with git, streamlining deployments and simplifying bug fixes

R&B Communications

Web and Mobile Developer

May 2013 - March 2015
  • Wrote and published several Android apps for startup ventures, expanding our range of services and attracting new business
  • Created a responsive home page and Facebook login API integration for a high-traffic (1m hits/day) web app, resulting in easier access for users

R&B Communications

Network Administrator / Help Desk Technician

April 2010 - May 2013
  • Configured, deployed, and managed Linux servers providing an affordable and flexible professional network infrastructure for a clients
  • Designed, developed and documented workflow optimization procedures that allowed us to expand our workload with reduced resources


Franklin University

B.Sc. Web Development

May 2013


  • Languages: PHP, Java, Perl, Bash, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, SQL, JSON, XML
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Magento (Zend), Symfony, SASS, JQuery
  • Methodologies: OOP, Functional Programming, TDD, Gitflow, REST
  • Tools/Platforms/Other: Git, Gnu/Linux, Vim, AWS, MySQL, Apache, SSH
  • Some Experience WithPython, React, Laravel, Ruby On Rails, Clojure, Haskell

Awards / Certifications

AWS Certified Associate Solutions Architect

Amazon Web Services

June 2017

2nd Place Prize

Hack4Sac Civic Hackathon benefiting Sacramento County

April 2016

Web app using React that allows voters to identify accessibility barriers at their assigned polling place and engage alternative voting options.

Notable Projects

California State Parks Webstore

Webstore for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Responsive frontend. Magento framework. Custom integrations with LN ERP.

City App Maker

Created Android App template with build process to easily release customized versions. Created REST API to support iOS and Android apps, as well as Web-based Admin dashboard.

Self Study

  • The Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl
  • Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
  • The Pragmatic Programmer by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas
  • Clojure for the Brave and True by Daniel Higginbotham
  • Datacamp - Online Data Science education
  • A multitude of books, tutorials, and online courses on Functional Programming, Javascript Frameworks (React, etc), and general development tools and practices


  • Sacramento Library
  • Reading Partners
  • The Forest Foundation