J Melissa Cooper

Experienced Recruiting Executive

A member of the Women Presidents' Organization, J. Melissa Cooper has spent well over a decade in the recruiting business. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded various recruiting projects, including co-founding RezBiz, LLC, and HirePerfect. Before leading RezBiz, J. Melissa Cooper gained invaluable experience with Logix, Inc., and after Rez Biz's acquisition by Talent Inc., she served as an executive vice president for the latter organization.

Since co-founding HirePerfect in 2009, J. Melissa Cooper has focused on strategic planning and achieving company goals, such as building relationships with its candidates, vetting names, and creating lists of qualified titles. Her experience includes talent acquisition and management, human resources risk management, and training and development.

Ms. Cooper has also written multiple articles related to professional development, such as "4 Ways to Host Interviews That Uncover Candidates' True Character" on HR.com and "3 Sneaky Job Interview Killers You're Probably Unaware Of" on SimplyHired.com.

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Talent Inc.

Executive Vice President

jan 2014


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Experienced Recruiting Executive