Cody Gotchall

Cody Gotchall - Pursuing Studies and Volunteer Work in Oregon

A student at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon, Cody Gotchall pursues coursework in subjects such as biology and accounting. He is exploring future career options ranging from mathematics to data analytics. Diagnosed with autism, Cody Gotchall also has experienced a traumatic brain injury, and therefore uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking software in completing his college assignments.

With tendencies leaning toward perfectionism, Mr. Gotchall enjoys the pattern recognition skills demanded in games such as cribbage. He initially took up the game in the third grade, as his father felt it would improve his math skills. In recent years, he has gained an interest in Sudoku, and picture and board puzzles. He is also developing skills in backgammon.

Actively involved in his local community, Cody Gotchall has donated blood to the American Red Cross over the past four years. In the future, he hopes to volunteer as an advocate for those who face disability-related life challenges.

Address: Corvallis, OR, US


Oregon State University


Jun 2014 - Present