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Mike Stermitz

Environmental Science Professional

Address: Billings, MT, US

As an environmental inspector for projects across the United States, Mike Stermitz draws on diverse experience in preventing, evaluating, and addressing contamination events. He comes to his current role having served as an environmental specialist for SWCA, in which role he performed pre-construction evaluations that assessed the impact of potential construction on wildlife, wetland areas, and waterways. Also experienced as a water quality specialist for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, Mike Stermitz has conducted inspections for such national programs as the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit initiative and the Environmental Protection Agency's 404 impaired waterbody roster.

Previously, as an environmental scientist for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana, Mike Stermitz focused on preventing stormwater runoff and protecting waterways across the reservation. He has also conducted pollution evaluations and reporting as an environmental inspector, in which role he inspected hazardous waste management systems to promote spill and contamination prevention.

Mike Stermitz holds an associate of applied science in environmental technology, as well as a bachelor of science in wildlife biology. He enjoys spending his free time outdoors and is an avid angler, hiker, skier, and bird watcher.



Construction Manager

Jan 1, 2014 - Present


Environmental Specialist

Jan 1, 2014

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Water Quality Specialist

Jan 1, 2002 - Jan 1, 2007


Montana Tech


Jan 1, 1994 - Jan 1, 1995

Environmental Technology

University of Montana


Jan 1, 1980 - Jan 1, 1984

Wildlife Biology