Adam Brown

Full-stack Web Developer & System Adminstrator
Phone: +1 (607) 793-4147
Location: Ithaca, NY

I am a capable full-stack web developer that has experience being a solo founder as well as a CTO that can manage a team to success. With 15 years of system administration and dev-ops experience, I am passionate about engineering and building groundbreaking services that are automated, resilient, and elegant.


Cornell University

Applications Programmer III

January 2019 to Present

The COE/CIS Information Technology Service Group (ITSG) provides administrative, faculty, and research IT assistance to the College of Engineering, Computing and Information Science, and Cornell Tech in partnership with Cornell’s Central IT unit. Within the ITSG group, the enterprise Applications andReporting team provides data delivery, reporting, business intelligence, data capture, and workflow toolsneeded to help administer these two units. The primary responsibilities of the Applications Programmer III position are:

Support Existing Apps

  • Provide regular maintenance and break/fix support for existing applications.
  • Customize and support complex server applications and reporting infrastructure.
  • Respond to customer needs for support.
  • Develop technical documentation and support materials, and help develop training materials.

Data Delivery and Reporting

  • Create reports and analysis documents using data from the campus and local datamarts.

Custom Development

  • Develop custom web applications for workflow and other needs.
  • Develop database applications.
  • Be an active agile team member using an iterative approach including significant stakeholder engagement.

Business Analysis, Advising, and Project Management

  • Provide consulting for staff and faculty in identifying possible solutions for business needs.
  • Work with stakeholders to do business analysis and develop requirements.
  • Evaluate commercial products and make purchase recommendations based on requirements.
  • Manage projects using lightweight and agile project management methods.

TechEndeavors Startup Studio Cooperative

Solo Founder and Director

January 2000 to January 2019

  • Founded a Startup Factory in order to build and sell websites and software projects.
  • Converted to a cooperative in 2008
  • Cooperative has built and sold 38 different projects, providing fair profit-sharing to all cooperative members.

Xough, Ltd.

CTO / Director

November 1, 2015 to January 1, 2018
  • System Administrator and Developer of, a site that allows creators to sell digital goods for digital currencies. 
  • Built and optimized service so it automatically scales horizontally across low-cost VPS's as demand increases. Current estimates indicate capacity for 30,000 concurrent users for less money than a dinner at a nice restaurant. 
  • Page generation times under 100ms, even for complicated pages that touch multiple tables and data sources
  • Successfully built developer ecosystem to enable contract employees to work autonomously with minimal oversight but maximum effectiveness.
  • Built on MySQL, Redis, Debian, Nginx, S3 compatible Object Storage, and the Laravel PHP Framework. 
  • Team managed effectively and frugally with locally hosted Gogs Git web service, locally hosted wiki, Rocket.Chat group messaging, locally hosted email services, and minimal paid SaaS services.

Payment Approved

Software Engineer

January 2015 to June 2015
  • Contributed to the core code-base of an advanced p2p payments platform with cryptocurrency support and integrated it into a credit card payment processors platform
  • Picked and implemented Laravel and Lumen framework
  • Designed optimal database schema to support hundreds of transactions per second
  • Designed the encryption methods and procedures, and implemented advanced security methods.


Founder & CEO

March 2014 to January 2015
  • Built the infrastructure to power a new generation of Authentication Providers that allow businesses to utilize zero-knowledge identity and fact verification.
  • Allowed users to prove their identity to an identity provider once and not have to prove it again to any websites that accepted BlockAuth compatible logins.
  • Benefits to business partners included guarantees that users are real people, unique, and meet any legal requirements to use the service.
  • Resulting user dossiers were immutable, secure, and all updates could be attributed to the signing party.
  • Recipient of $250,000 Angel Investment.


Systems Engineer

February 2009 to June 2014

Responsible for implementing methods to keep 500+ client machines and 30+ servers up-to-date and operational, monitoring network and server health, prevention of virus and malware outbreaks, and investigating improvements to procedures and technology using current best practices.

* Built Sharepoint-based intranet

* Upgrades and Migrated from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 for over 500 users with minimal user impact

* Implemented mature backup solution

* Configured centrally-managed Antivirus

* Built 30+ site Cisco ASA VPN network

* Virtualized an entire data center of physical servers into one rack

* Set up Windows Deployment Services infrastructure to rapidly deploy/redeploy client machines

* Upgraded and configured large wireless infrastructures

* Configured several RDS Terminal servers and developed a VDI infrastructure

Longhorn Solar

IT Director

August 2004 to February 2009

* Created offsite data backup systems

* Kept all workstations and servers up to date

* Created and maintained company website

* Implemented SEO and social media outreach programs

* Created custom appointment and proposal system

* Used new technologies to reduced time to create customer bid by 75%


Active Directory, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Agile Methodology, Amazon S3, AngularJS, Ansible, Automated Forex trading, AWS, Azure, Bitcoin, Blade Templating, Blockchains, Brio, CentOS, Cisco IOS, Coldfusion, Cryptocurrencies, CSS, Debian, Deep Learning, Django, Docker, Ethereum, Exchange, GIMP, Git, Github, Gitlab, Go, Google Cloud, Graphana, Graphite, Group Policy, Inkscape, KVM, Javascript, jQuery, Laravel, LESS, Linux, Logstash, Lumen, MariaDB / MySQL, Markdown, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, MongoDB, MSSQL, OpenStack, OpenVZ, PHP, PostCSS, PostgreSQL, Puppet, Python, Redis, REST API's, RethinkDB, SASS, Security Hardening, Sharepoint, Solidity, Statistical analysis, System Administration, Ubuntu, VCenter, VMWare, Wordpress, VueJS. 

Personal Projects

Premium Gift Cards

January 2014 to April 2016

Techendeavors Startup Factory project resulted in a passive income business that sells gift cards and services for Bitcoins. The website generates enough income to fund my ongoing sabbatical.  Built in PHP with custom Bitcoin payment processing backend. Over $1,000,000 worth of product sold without any losses due to hacking or double spends. Sold in 2016.

Laravel Directory

June 2015 to February 2018

Techendeavors Startup Factory project. Directory of Laravel programming resources. Attempting to find ideal monetization method before sale. 

Bitcoin Thefts

June 2015 to Februrary 2018

Techendeavors Startup Factory project. Directory of known Bitcoin thefts and losses throughout history. Attempting to find ideal monetization method before sale.