Thomas P. Ivanyi

Florida CEO Thomas P. Ivanyi

Thomas P. Ivanyi is the founder and CEO of Hampton Partners, Ltd., and iTvTrax, LLC, as well as the president and CEO of Private Equity Direct, LLC. In his five years with the latter firm, he has completed 14 transactions and six advisory assignments. Thomas P. Ivanyi holds a BS from New York University, a JD from Fordham University School of Law, and completed the PMD program at Harvard Business School.

Ivanyi has traveled extensively for both business and pleasure, and has come to understand the importance of learning the practices of other cultures through his travels. Over the past five years, Thomas P. Ivanyi has traveled to more than 20 foreign countries, in Europe South America and Asia. Ivanyi is an avid reader, keeping up with news regarding his areas of expertise - business, finance, and technology - as well as enjoying nonfiction books about important figures of the past and present. His work benefits from his extensive knowledge and he serves as a mentor to younger professionals.

Address: West Palm Beach, FL, US


Private Equity Direct, LLC

President & CEO

May 1, 2010

iTvTrax, LLC

Founder, Inventor & CEO

Jun 1, 2004

Hampton Partners Ltd.

CEO and Co-Founder

Jun 1, 1989


Harvard University School of Business


Sep 1, 1976 Dec 1, 1976

Fordham University School of Law


Sep 1, 1965 May 1, 1969

New York University


Jan 1, 1962 Jun 1, 1965