Bharani Muthukumaraswamy

Co-Founder, Resumonk

Phone: +91 9891836696
Address: B-212, Shiv Vihar Apartments,
New Delhi - 110087
  • I am a UI Designer and full-stack developer with a passion for building high quality software products.
  • I have successfully bootstrapped my first venture - Resumonk. Resumonk is an online resume (CV) builder that is currently being used by thousands of people across the globe.
  • In my previous roles, I have worked with a wide array of startups on different platforms ranging from hybrid mobile applications to rich client web applications.
  • Specialities: Designing and prototyping user interfaces, building MVP (Minimum Viable Products), developing web applications using modern tools and practices & exploring the latest trends in web/mobile development.




April 2012 to Present
  • Resumonk is an online resume builder that helps people create a beautiful and professional resume (CV) in minutes. 
  • Resumonk is bootstrapped and profitable. It has been featured in many technology magazines and newspapers.
  • I designed and developed the application using modern coding practices and I currently help manage growth & user acquisition.

Freelance UI Designer & Developer

Self Employed

February 2012 to May 2013

As a freelance UI Designer & Developer, I have worked with a wide array of startups and small-businesses. Some of the projects that I have worked on are as follows -

  • Phone Warrior - I designed the logo, website and mobile interface (Android, iOS & Blackberry) for Phone Warrior, a popular Call/SMS blocking app with over a million downloads.
  • LearnHive - Learnhive is a leading provider of technology based learning solutions for K12 students, parents, and tutors. I wireframed, designed and developed LearnHive's web interface. The design is responsive and was built in a mobile-first manner.
  • SnapLion - SnapLion is a mobile application builder that is used by some of the best hotels, nightclubs and artists in the world. I developed the user-facing dashboard and prototyped the first version of their HTML5 mobile application using AngularJS.
  • JetStay (not launched yet) - JetStay is an online ticketing application. I was responsible for prototyping, designing and developing the front-end aspect of the application. I built the design in a responsive & mobile-first manner.

FizzySoftware Pvt. Ltd

Visual Designer / Front-end Developer

August 2011 to January 2012

As a Part-time Designer & Front-end developer at Fizzy Software, I designed and developed the user-facing aspects of the following products - 

  • TheDealKart - A daily deals aggregator
  • TDK Enterprise - A Loyalty and Daily Deals Management Software for small businesses
  • TextAdda (retired) - A cross-platform messaging application


Bootstrap Carnival

June 2014 to Present
  • Bootstrap Carnival is a Bootstrap theme finder that helps users find the perfect theme for their next project. 
  • It has been featured on the front page of popular technology news websites like HackerNews and is currently being used by thousands of people every month.
  • I built Bootstrap Carnival using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, SASS (Compass) & Javascript (History.js) and it is hosted using Amazon EC2.
  • India GK Quiz is an Android application that helps job-seekers and students preparing for competitive examinations.
  • With over 60,000 downloads and 1500+ ratings, it is one of the most downloaded app in its category.
  • I designed and developed the application using AngularJS & PhoneGap.

October 2012 to Present
  • Engem is a web application that helps you give your Linkedin profile a visual facelift. It consumes APIs from various online services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble and LinkedIn to create a visually appealing online profile & portfolio.
  • It was built using Ruby on Rails, HTML5, SASS (Compass) & Javascript (jQuery).
October 2012 to Present
  • AirBall is an elegant and classy Dribbble feed viewer built using Dribbble's API. Airball is available as a web and a desktop application.
  • The web application was built using Backbone.js and the Desktop application was developed using Tide SDK (Titanium Desktop).


Front-end tools (Grunt, Bower & Yeoman), Building mobile applications using Phonegap & Titanium, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, User Interface Design, HTML 5, CSS3, Version Control using Git, AJAX, Backbone.js, jQuery UI, SASS/Compass, REST APIs


Rapidly Prototyping Web Applications With MeteorJS

JSFoo 2013 (HasGeek)

October 2013

My workshop on prototyping web applications with Meteor.js at JSFoo'13 was very well received. The video and slides are available here:


Technical Reviewer of 'Mastering jQuery UI'

Packt Publication

June 2014 - Present

Technical Reviewer of 'Backbone.js in Action'

Manning Publication

July 2013


Delhi College of Engineering

B.E, Environmental Engineering

May 2009 to May 2013

Arena Animation

Diploma In Graphic & Web Design

January 2010 to January 2011