Abraham Valentino

Abraham Valentino of the San Francisco Bay Area Leads iMetros.com

San Francisco Bay Area-based real estate investor Abraham Valentino founded iMetros.com in 2012 to acquire upscale urban residential high-rise properties in San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas. In managing the investment portfolio of iMetros.com as CEO, he locates and evaluates new properties for potential investment. In its first year of operations, Abraham Valentino's firm yielded a 60 percent return on investment from its properties.

Prior to founding iMetros.com, Abraham Valentino served as CEO of Bay Area Prime Real Estates, a brokerage focusing on investments in luxury properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under his direction, the firm's sales staff implemented a Web-based global promotions distribution network that posted 250,000 advertisement per day for properties listed on Bay Area Prime Real Estates' online entity.

When not busy overseeing investment opportunities for iMetros.com, Abraham Valentino enjoys traveling to various domestic and international destinations. He regularly visits resorts in Lake Tahoe and Colorado to ski, has traveled throughout Europe, and next looks forward to exploring countries in Asia, such as China, Singapore, and Thailand.


Valentino Properties


2000 to 2009

SFLuxury.com (Bay Area Prime Real Estates)

Founder, CEO, Realtor

2009 to 2012


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