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Aurélien Thieriot

Software Engineer
Address: Cardiff, United Kingdom

Experienced Software Engineer and always curious, yearning to discover and share knowledge of new techniques and new tools. 

My primary expertise being web development, Continuous integration and automation, I perfectly fit into cross-functional Agile teams in the completion of all their challenges, while maintaining high standards of quality.

My speciality is the development of small tools to improve the experience of developers and clients.

I love Open Source, Functional Programming, listening to a good audio book during my morning ride to work as well as travelling with my little family.

After living in the UK for 5 years, I wish to join an enthusiastic team to work on a wide range of technologies in Nantes or remotely from France.


Git, Java, Kanban, Intégration continue, Scala, Linux, Javascript, Ansible, Docker, Cloud, Go



Software Engineer

november 2016 - Present

Part of the core platform team. FINkit is a comprehensive PaaS offering designed to help banks to develop and deploy services in a PCI DSS compliant environment.

- Worked on all components of the micro-services architecture to ensure performances, reliability and ease of use. Containing a mix of Scala (Akka Http) and, primarily, Java (Spring Boot), FINkit is based on Cloud Foundry and hosted on Google Cloud. 

- Add support for Google Datastore as a persistent layer.

- Took the initiative of developing a command line tool utility (Golang) to improve the user experience of a technical client.

- Strengthened the internal security of the system thanks to a refactoring of the use of JWT internally (SAML and OpenID Connect used externally) and inter-services communication. 

Open Source projects contributed to: Akka, Akka Http, gcp-service-broker, Catatumbo

Biotecnics / Scalaris

Lead Software Developer

september 2013 - october 2016 (3 years 1 month)

Technical lead of a 3 developers team building clinical supply chain technologies

- Worked on features for our main product (Java 8, Spring, ExtJS, Postgresql) such as PDF report generation and third party integration.

- Assured liaison with our client, keeping up to date the Backlog, and encouraged consistency of the code base.

- Maintained high standards of deployment automation by using to Docker and orchestrating with Docker Compose and Ansible.

- Initiated automated Continuous Integration (From Gitlab to Drone and Sonar) and improved Code Coverage notably by writing Selenium tests (Using Cucumber, Scala and PhantomJS).

- Wrote a Rest API to access our customer's data, in .Net to fit their requirements.

- Introduced Tech Lunch, a series of talks about tools and technologies during lunch time.

- Made several small utilities such as a: HTTP server serving fake data (Spray), a command line tool (Python) to help us with different tasks

- Involvement in some Android projects for one of our sister company

Creation of a new product of real time tracking monitoring (GPS, Temperature)

- Prepared the base stack using Jersey and leveraged Akka for Message sending.

- Interfaced with two proprietary tracking devices (TCP access)

- Played with analysis of time series in a front end application to visualise monitored data (Angular).

- Prototyped a mobile app for it in full Javascript with the help of the Ionic Framework.

Conferences attended: LondonJS, JFokus

Open Source project contributed to: sailsjs, oboe, jersey, gitlab-ci-runner, topbeat, drone

Box UK

Web Developer / Scrum Master

september 2012 - september 2013 (1 year)

Filled the responsibilities of a SCRUM Master:

- Initiated the SCRUM routine and introduced new ways of managing retrospectives.

- Worked alongside the Product Manager to create workflows and gather metrics that matched client expectations.

- Helped the team to overcome blockers (70~80% of my time coding).

Our team tackled the rewriting of the in-house CMS as part of a government contract:

- Learned Symfony 2 framework, discovered the ecosystem and community.

- Helped expending the framework with features like on-line file storage and Twitter feed widgets.

- Made use of Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, ELB...) as well as other distributed solutions (Elasticsearch).

- Guided our customer through the progressive migration of his data (Varnish Cache).

- Encouraged development and operation toward Continuous Delivery (One step deploy via Capistrano).

- Developed a small bot to gather information from our tool suite (Continuous Integration, Bug tracker, Code review, etc.) directly into our chat channels (Hipchat).

Conferences attended: Devoxx UK, PHP North West, FOSDEM

Open Source projects contributed to: Composer, Guzzle, Nock, Github-api, walldisplay-plugin


Software Developer, Scrum Master

mai 2010 - août 2012 (2 years 3 months)

Vidal is the renowned editor of a drug dictionary used by healthcare professionals. My team was in charge of developing and maintaining the digital flavours of the dictionary aim for hospitals, pharmacies and General Practitioners.

- Improved the core REST API (Spring MVC, Hibernate, Jersey) which includes features such as fast data search (Lucene) and detection of problematic allergies.

- Worked on several web apps (in-house Javascript framework) as well as a desktop app (Swing) and a SOAP web service (Apache CXF).

- Organised as a SCRUM team and focused on good development practices (eXtreme Programming, TDD).

- Produced a few utilities for internal use such as an API checker (Scala) and a Continuous Delivery tool (In Teamcity using Fabric).

- Experienced complete freedom in choice of tools. My favourite environment is Linux, a good shell (zsh) and IntelliJ.

- Helped with the transition of our version control system from SVN to Git, for which I became the team's expert.

- Wrote automated integration tests for our installers (Vagrant) to complete our Selenium suites.

In 2011, being a good communicator within the team and with other departments, I was given the position of SCRUM Master

- Widely improved my understanding of Agile methodologies and skills.

- Learned about useful metrics (Burndown Chart, Cumulative Flow Diagram).

- Took on the responsibility of the Sprint Demo and retrospectives.

- Helped to host developer event: ParisJS April 2012

Conferences attended: Devoxx Belgium, Devoxx France, JSConf

Open source projects contributed to: Infinitest, Hubot, Rsstodolist, Play ! 2.0


Lead Developer

april 2012 - may 2012 (1 month)

Setting up the technical architecture of a website aiming to create crowd sourced concert videos by combining concert footage taken on their smartphones by the audience

Based on Node.js, the stack included Express.js, Passport (authentication), Casper and Frisbi (as integration test frameworks) and CouchDB for the underlying database.

- One of the leader of a team of 3 to 4 people in my first "Startup" adventure.

- My most compelling experience was to work as a true full stack engineer by improving the front end design as much as the data structure and the production deployment processes.

Open Source projects contributed to: jugglingdb

Safig Dataway

Junior Software Developer

june 2005 - may 2010 (4 years 11 months)

2008 / 2010: Joined the development team of a new project the goal of which was to build a calculator that would convert French bank codes (RIB) into BIC and IBAN (as part of the European SEPA project)

- Built a web application from scratch using a standard Java / Spring / Hibernate stack as well as Spring MVC, Security and Webflow. (Deployment in Tomcat via Eclipse).

- Prepared a white label version of the product that allowed dynamic switching between two designs and two authentication methods depending on the domain name accessed by the user.

- Developed a separate agent accepting plain text files to convert batch of bank codes asynchronously (Spring Batch).

- Discovered efficient Open Source tools for a good Software factory (such as Maven, Trac, Subversion, Hudson, Sonar...) and the good practice of using Design Patterns, writing unit tests and keeping a good code coverage.

2005 / 2008: Maintenance of the flagship product of the company: a French postal standardisation software written in Cobol:

- This involved working with CA-Realia II, Microfocus and CobolIT compilers as well as managing SQL Server, Oracle and DB2 database providers.

- Modernised the platform to be able to run on the JVM (thanks to the IsCobol project) in order to support customers migration from IBM mainframes to x86 machines (Windows and SunOS).

- Following this success, built a webservice (SOAP) interface of the Product on top of the Axis framework (most of the customers would deploy it on a Websphere environment).

Safig Dataway

Data / Computer Technician

april 2004 - june 2005 (1 year 2 months)

- Applied bespoke treatments on customers datasets containing postal addresses to guarantee compliance with French standards.

- Used and improved Shell scripts and DBase queries.

- In charge of internal support (Fixing printers, Windows maintenance...).

DESA Logiciel

Junior Software Developer

april 2003 - october 2003 (6 months)

- Development of the new user interface of the company's main product (Electric diagrams designer) in Visual C++ v7.- Technical hotline.


Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Reims

DUT, Informatique, Informatique,

2000 - 2002
DUT, Informatique, Informatique, 2000 - 2002



(Native proficiency),


(Full professional proficiency)


Functional Program Design in Scala


October 2016

Functional Programming Principles in Scala (with distinction)


May 2013

Scrum Master

Scrum Alliance

November 2011



Jim Dunkerton

Senior Software Developer at Scalaris

September 2016

I worked with Aurelien at Scalaris Technologies over a period of two and a half years, where he was lead developer.

I found him to be extremely knowledgeable on all technologies that are now in use by the company, including, but not limited to, Java, JavaScript, Scala, Ansible, and Docker. He was always approachable and willing to assist, as well as implementing solid solutions in his own right, including the initial introduction of some of the aforementioned technologies to the company's workflow. He would be an asset to any team he works with.

Craig Marvelley

Head of Platform at Bipsync

December 2013

Aurélien is a passionate, objective developer who excelled at creating tools to streamline our development processes. The tasks he was given required him to work in languages unfamiliar to him but he acclimatised quickly and soon became an asset to the team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him - he's a fantastic character who fitted in well at the company.

Eric Bottard

Sr Software Engineer at Pivotal Inc.

October 2011

I met Aurélien while I was a consultant for Safig Dataway, delivering a project on a very short timeframe, using technologies that were very effective but unknown to the company at that time. Aurélien, who was a Safig employee, picked up the pace very quickly and was able to embrace the project very effectively. Indeed, he has since gained competence as a software developer and we often cross paths in local Java User Groups. I would definitely recommend working with Aurélien if you ever get the opportunity.


A Drop of Coffee

May 2013

Unboxing: Meteor

December 2012