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Mark W Schwartz

California Biotech Executive and Educator Mark W. Schwartz, PhD

Address: Discovery Bay, CA, US

A longtime California resident with a wealth of experience in the biotechnology sector, Mark W. Schwartz, PhD, has served tenures as director of marketing with Biosym Technologies in San Diego, vice president of business development and marketing with Argonaut Technologies in San Carlos, vice president of Marketing at Incyte Genomics,  chief executive officer/president of both Calyx Therapeutics in Hayward and Bayhill Therapeutics in Palo Alto. Since 2010, he has taught courses on biotechnology company funding and start-up operations as an adjunct instructor in the biotechnology master's program at San Jose State University. Dr. Mark W. Schwartz’s courses specifically emphasize issues of career management and current events in the biotech industry.

In addition to his work as an educator, Mark W. Schwartz, PhD, continues to build upon his administrative career as chairman of MWS Strategic Advisors and as executive director of Targazyme, Inc. Dr. Schwartz’s responsibilities with MWS Strategic Advisors involve the management of finance operations as the company works toward an initial public offering.




Jan 2014 - Present

San Jose State University


Sep 2010 - Present


Arizona State University


Aug 1978 - Nov 1983

Grinnell College


Aug 1973 - Jun 1977