Christian Gingerella

Finance Student Christian Gingerella Has Developed a Range of Skills

Christian Gingerella is currently working towards a career in the field of finance. Having previously graduated from the International School of Brussels, he is now studying for a bachelor's degree in finance at Boston College's Carroll School of Management. During his several years of academic study, he has balanced a number of professional responsibilities as an intern at different financial groups and developed his skills and knowledge further through the hands-on experience. Christian Gingerella most recently spent several months in 2014 working as an intern for Chalkstream Capital Group in New York and was responsible for presenting information to other employees and participating in regular firm meetings.

In addition to his internship at Chalkstream Capital Group, Mr. Gingerella also gained practical experience with several months at EJ Sterling. In 2013, and briefly in 2014, he worked as a sales and trading analyst at the company and developed a strong familiarity with risk monitoring and the stock market. Prior to that, he learned about market dynamics and honed his analytical skills as a 2012 summer intern for Deloitte Consulting in Belgium. Christian Gingerella also gained experience in clerical and administrative tasks as a 2011 summer intern for UCB SA's human resources department in Belgium.



Human Resources Intern

EJ Sterling

Research Intern

Deloitte Consulting

Special Projects Intern


International School Of Brussels

High School Diploma

2007 to 2011


Human Resources Intern