John Klein Cambridge Therapeutics

Health Care-Focused Head of Cambridge Therapeutics

Address: Alpine, NJ, US

Presently Cambridge Therapeutics chairman, John Klein has a background in generic drugs spanning three decades and has achieved hundreds of FDA product approvals over the course of his career. Beginning in the microelectronic connector manufacturing industry, Cambridge Therapeutics head John Klein transitioned to pharmaceuticals in 1988 and guided Zenith Laboratories, Inc., as president and CEO.

Expanding revenues from $34 million to $250 million over a seven-year period, Mr. Klein sold a company he had purchased for $11 million to Ivax Pharmaceutical for $600 million in 1995. He subsequently led Ivax as president and boosted corporate value by more than $1 billion over his tenure with the firm.

During the late 1990s, Mr. Klein guided a number of technology informed firms, including MIM Corp, which provided pharmacy benefits management services to nursing homes, clinics, small employee groups, and HMOs. He also directed Cybear, which provided physicians with direct business and supply platforms, and Strategic Business & Technology Solutions. Recognitions he has earned over the years included an 11th place ranking on the Forbes’ Top 100 CEOs list.


Cambridge Therapeutic Technologies


Jan 1, 2011 - Present


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