Steve Burkett

Software Developer at Stonecrop Technologies

I’m a full-stack developer with senior experience in Ruby/Rails (+ ReactJS), hosting architectures including AWS and Heroku, as various database platforms such as Postgres, MySql, Mongo and Redis. Strong advocate of software as a craft, test coverage, code quality. I have enjoyed practicing and evangelizing best practices in all facets of software development: conceptualization, market fit, MVP, design & development, improving development process, testing & maintenance.


OpenStax (Rice University based non-profit)

Senior Software Ruby & Rails (React) developer

February 2019 - present

Ruby/Rails (ReactJS) for a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University that provides free/low cost print & online textbooks for college. Pairing w/ OpenStax's chief architect, responsible for the greenfield design & development of OpenStax textbook indexing, search, & highlighting infrastructure that includes ruby/rails v5, python (load testing), DynamoDB, SQS, ElasticSearch, Postgres RDS & Aurora Serverless, CloudFormation & AWS devops. This server side infrastructure cohabitates with headless CMS & reactJS & mobile frontends. Scale is roughly millions of requests/year, tens of thousands/day.

Species List Pro

Ruby & Rails (React & Elasticsearch) consultant

November 2018 - present

(Occasional weekend) Ruby/Rails, ReactJS, ElasticSearch, AWS/Elastic Beanstalk work on an online tool that maintains lists of endangered species for environmental consultants.

Stonecrop Technologies

Senior Software Ruby & Rails developer

September 2017 - February 2019 (1 year 6 months)
Rails-based order logistics tools for cellular tower industry. Emphasis on OOP & complex logistics.


Senior Software Ruby & Rails developer

July 2010 - August 2017 (7 years 2 months)
Proficiencies: Ruby & Rails, AngularJS v1 & 2, git, html/css, rspec/jasmine, teaspoon/capybara, postgres, redis, mongoDB, hosting on Heroku, Engineyard, and AWS. Built a sweet little DSL on top of Sidekiq pro's batches feature. Co-developed a new (Rails) page view tracking analytics system built on Ruby & 3 node replica set w/ MongoDB. Designed & developed a (Rails) social media reputation management app that uses a proprietary scoring algorithm to rank a business social reputation. Helped build a new (AngularJS 2) dashboard and data warehouse for lead tracking and business analytics.


Technical Advisor

August 2015 - October 2015 (3 months)
Advised CEO of a branding software company on high level technical issues ranging from hiring, understanding state of current system quality and needs, direction on integrations.

Symyx Technologies

Senior Software .Net developer

June 2004 - June 2010 (6 years 1 month)
Proficiencies: .Net, C#, Oracle, Windows workflow. Designed and developed an electronic lab notebook for research chemistry.

.Net software developer

September 2003 - May 2004 (9 months)
Proficiencies: .Net, C#, Sql Server. designed and developed stock photo management & business intelligence apps.


.Net software developer

September 2002 - September 2003 (1 year 1 month)
Proficiencies: .Net & C# developer in group responsible for providing Microsoft infrastructure technology to solve common business problems.


C & .Net C# software developer

September 1998 - August 2002 (4 years)
Proficiencies: .Net, C#, and C, Microsoft OSes and Linux. Worked on various apps in the Server Proxy & encoding tools group


.Net software developer

March 1993 - September 1998 (5 years 7 months)
software developer & lead in Knowledge worker solutions group, web essentials, direct media, pc fax, MSN & MCS groups.


ultimate frisbee coach & general volunteer at Waldorf School of Bend

September 2007 - Present
September 2007 - Present


Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Sidekiq, CSS/HTML, Git, ReactJS, Testing, Object Oriented Design, PostgreSQL, Software Engineering, Agile Project Management, Technical Advisory, Scalability, RSpec, Kanban, Agile, Web Services, jQuery, Web Development, HTML5


Jonathan Samples

Senior Software Engineer

I have had a great time working with Steve. He is passionate, measured and a very thorough developer. He is able to take requirements (as minimal as those are sometimes), flush out technical requirements and dive in. He treats writing code like a craft and is unabashed in his fervency about building robust and maintainable software. Steve also loves to laugh and have fun. He has been a very valuable resource and a pleasure to be around.

Carlos Rojas Aragones

Co Founder

It's been rewarding to work with Steve. Steve shows quality programming & design expertise in all his work, and is very good at coming up with simple elegant solutions to hard problems. He writes passionately to SOLID fundamentals. It's been a pleasure to worth together.

Tim Linquist

Worked Indirectly For Steve At G5

Sound judgement, seasoned, methodical, easy going, diverse, upbeat, very intelligent, integrity; These are all qualities that come to mind when describing Steve's personality. I've learned so much directly & via osmosis from working with Steve over the past year. He brings a logical, sound approach to complex problems that most always results in a high quality, maintainable, and satisfying solution for peers and users alike. You can count on Steve both professionally and personally.

Dave Bettin

Worked Directly With Steve At G5

I was fortunate to share an office with Steve at G5. I gained a lot of wonderful insight from his views on the production of quality software. He would always help each and every teammate in anyway possible; a true team player. The end result was a better team and a better product. A +1 from me for Steve!

Chris Stringer

Worked With Steve At G5

Steve is the consumate Senior Software Engineer. His many years of industry experience give him a deep knowledge of software best practices, both in working on agile teams and writing code. He's also a quick learner - I watched him easily make the jump from .NET to Ruby with a short ramp up time. Steve is a great guy to work with and he brings a lot to the table every day.

Luke Sheridan

Worked Directly With Steve At G5

Steve is a well rounded developer with deep knowledge of successful design patterns and writing proper object-oriented code. He is a pleasure to work with and a valuable member of our team.

Elicia Putnam

Ceo & Founder

Steve is very thorough and conscientious. He has a deep understanding of back-end technology - and is masterful at conveying these concepts to non-technical people (like me!). Steve is able to see the whole picture and approaches each technical challenge with a long-term framework. Steve is a delight to work with and a true team player.

Seth Mc Carthy

Worked Directly With Steve At Symyx Technologies

I really enjoyed working with Steve. He is passionate about his work, and is constantly trying to explore new ideas in technology, process, design, and more. He has a vast wealth of experience to draw upon, yet remains open to fresh perspectives. He is a skillful developer across a wide range of technologies. Finally, it is a lot of fun to work together with Steve on a project -- he has a great sense of humor and a lot of positive energy.

Todd Hoffman

Worked Directly With Steve At Symyx Technologies

Steve is a talented engineer with the ability to think out side of the box. Steve's extensive experience has given him the ability to tackle the most complex of problems and craft simple and elegant solutions. He is an entertaining team member and is fun to have around. I can strongly recommend Steve and would gladly work with him again should the opportunity arise.

Marco Falcioni

Managed Steve Indirectly At Symyx Technologies

Steve was a great addition to the Bend team. He would always have an eye for new technology to bring to the table and creative solutions for technical problems. He also showed the ability to work on the full stack, from tackling complex server behaviors to working on the UI layer.

Scott Cottrille

worked directly with Steve at Microsoft

I worked with Steve for a couple of years in MSN, on an incubation project involving highly-scalingservices, lots of rapidly-updating data and a tricky-to-get-right client-side experience. Steve owned the design& implementation of the client pieces and wrote a lot of high-quality code, was great at debugging problemsin a multi-threaded environment, and was a great partner in the design of the end-to-end system. Bonus pointsfor being funny and a great guy to work with and socialize with!

John Carlton

Managed Steve At Real Networks

I worked with Steve for a couple of years in MSN, on an incubation project involving highly-scaling services, lots of rapidly-updating data and a tricky-to-get-right client-side experience. Steve owned the design & implementation of the client pieces and wrote a lot of high-quality code, was great at debugging problems in a multi-threaded environment, and was a great partner in the design of the end-to-end system. Bonus points for being funny and a great guy to work with and socialize with!" — Scott Cottrille, worked directly with Steve at Microsoft "Steve worked with me as one of the original members of the RealProxy development team at Real Networks. RealProxy was the industry's first streaming media proxy/cache, providing streaming and caching functionality for PNA and RTSP clients and an SDK enabling partners to develop their own streaming media caches. Steve served as an object oriented design guru for the team and contributed to the entire product cycle from initial design, development and test of the proxy to maintenance and partner support. His discipline and consistent advocacy of good development practices were invaluable for an application with the scalability and reliability requirements of the proxy.