Jacob Kingston

Jacob Kingston - Former Operations Manager for NWR

Jacob Kingston is the current CEO for Washakie Renewable Energy in Utah. He has worked for a variety of different companies such as A-Fab Engineering, where he was the assistant head of design and manufacturing. During his time there he worked on the retrofitting of tractors, among other projects. He was also the operations manager for NWR. In this position Jacob Kingston managed between 15-48 employees as they maintained and managed irrigation systems and handled over 2,000 cattle.

While at the University of Utah, Mr. Kingston obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in mechanical engineering. He was a teaching assistant as well, and he taught courses that focused on fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics.

When he is not involved with work, Jacob Kingston has many different interests and hobbies. He is a member of the Sierra Club, and supports their dedication to the environment. He also enjoys physical activity, taking part in Crossfit, and is a fan of the Utah Jazz.

Address: Plymouth, UT, US
Website: https://utah.academia.edu/JacobKingston


Washakie Renewable Energy


January 2006 - Present


University of Utah


January 2000 - Aug 2006