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Prominent Private Christian Colleges in the Pacific Northwest

Northwest Christian University
Located in beautiful Eugene, Ore., Northwest Christian University is an excellent school with a beautiful campus. The facilities are directly between the University of Oregon and downtown Eugene, which makes for a unique experience that combines campus life with city living. Eugene itself is a gem, known for its amazing arts scene and beautiful outdoor spaces.

George Fox University
George Fox University is a Christian institution with a rich history. As a student at this school, you get a buy college research paper for education while maintaining your faith through weekly chapel sessions. The fellowship opportunities you receive are excellent, giving you an opportunity to grow in your relationship with God through your interactions with classmates, faculty and staff.

Seattle Pacific University
If a city life is the life for you, consider Seattle Pacific University. Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Pacific University offers a strong liberal arts education. The University is run by the Methodist church and offers an excellent opportunity for you to strengthen your faith through religious organizations in addition to your studies.

Corban University
If you are a Baptist, consider attending Corban University. This school offers a Christian education in the state capital of Salem, Oregon. This makes it an attractive option for you if you are considering a career in politics, as you have direct access to a number of internships and other opportunities related to state government while you attend the school.

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