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Adam Drybrough

Self-Employed Calgary Business Consultant

Address: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Adam Drybrough’s business education began at a very young age. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, he witnessed firsthand what it takes to run a successful company by observing his parent’s wholesale food-manufacturing business. Applying what he learned in the manufacturing industry, Adam Drybrough broke into real estate investment in the mid-2000s. Within nine months of purchasing his first rental apartment, he had established his own company, Lucid, which owned 100 properties in greater Calgary, Alberta.

Adam Drybrough’s expertise in real estate encompasses a range of operational, sales, marketing, and management functions. He has extensive experience with both residential and commercial/retail properties.

Continuing to live and work in the greater Calgary area, Mr. Drybrough provides targeted real estate business consultancy services as a self-employed advisor. When he isn’t working, he enjoys traveling and attending concerts. He is also an avid adventure sports enthusiast who regularly wake-surfs, skydives, and races automobiles.


Self Employed - Consultant

Digital Strategy and Growth Hacking

Jan 1, 2014 - Present

Self Employed - Consultant

Development and Business Strategy Consultant

Jan 1, 2010 - Present