Anura Perera (Kenya)

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Address: Kenya

A sponsor of global humanitarian causes, Anura Perera most often directs his relief efforts toward his native Sri Lanka and Kenya, a country where he has worked. He established charitable agency the George Phylnormel Foundation, named after his father. Anura Perera frequently partners with the Buddhist organization the Triple Gem Society, a group founded by the Buddhist monk Bhante Wimala that fosters positive change and world peace through practical actions.

In 1999, through the Phylnormel Foundation, Anura Perera built the Theravada Buddhist Center in Nairobi, Kenya, in honor of his parents. The facility contains a meditation center, residences for monks, and a Stupa, and is a haven of peace for people of all faiths. In Kenya, Anura Perera has been instrumental in building new homes for families dispossessed by civil unrest. In 2009, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Perera, 55 families living in a refugee camp were able to leave their flimsy tents and move into permanent housing. Earlier, in 2002, he provided the necessary financial and logistic support for the Triple Gem Society to donate 50 wheelchairs to Kenyan people suffering from disabilities.

In Sri Lanka, Anura Perera’s generosity has done much to alleviate the disastrous effects of the tsunami and the war. The Tirappan Maduwa Village, which lay in ruins for 19 years, owes its reconstruction to the efforts of the Triple Gem Society and the financial support of Mr. Perera. The reconstruction took 6 months and involved the building of 35 new homes, the repair and restoration of a reservoir dam and electrical supplies, and the revitalization of farmland. Elsewhere in Sri Lanka, Anura Perera and the Phylnormel Foundation sponsored the building of 20 homes in the new Triple Gem village for tsunami victims, as well as 2 permanent health centers.

In his professional life, Anura Perera functions as the Chairman of Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd.


Raycom Aerospace Pte. Ltd.


2003 - Present


Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy