Josh Ruffell

Tips for Beginning Snorkelers

Josh Ruffell has more than 25 years of experience working with animals and most recently served as Assistant Curator at Australia Zoo, located in Beerwah, Queensland. In his leisure time, Josh Ruffell enjoys a variety of outdoor and watersport activities, including snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a wonderful leisure activity that allows one to get up close and personal with marine wildlife, revealing the beauty and mystery of what's hidden beneath the ocean's surface. For beginners, however, getting into the hobby can be a bit challenging. Here are two things to remember when snorkeling for the first time.

While it may be tempting to use cheaper rental equipment, spending the extra money for a dry snorkel is a decision the beginner never regrets. A dry snorkel is set up with a special valve that closes once it goes underwater; there is also a purge valve at the bottom end that allows the snorkeler to blow excess water out of the tube. Keeping water from coming down the snorkel is key to crafting the best snorkeling experience possible, especially for the beginner.

Secondly, but equally as vital, is the importance of getting fins that fit properly. Fins that are too tight are likely to leave sores and blisters on the foot. Fins that are too loose, however, may fall off during the snorkeling session. Remember as well, that the foot tends to shrink in cooler waters, so test fins before setting out to ensure a snug, but comfortable fit.

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