Jiten Mehta

The Professional and Personal Endeavors of Jiten Mehta

An accountant with My Tax Accounting & Business Service, LLC, in Takoma Park, Maryland, Jiten Mehta provides comprehensive bookkeeping services to a wide range of clients. His areas of professional expertise range from general financial reporting to specialized payroll and insurance assistance. Before joining My Tax Accounting & Business Service in 2012, Jiten Mehta served as a tax preparer with H&R Block and as an insurance salesman with Allstate Insurance.

Outside of the professional environment, Jiten Mehta stays physically and mentally fit by working out, taking walks, and practicing meditation and yoga. Community service and charitable giving have also long been important components of Mr. Mehta's life. He is an avid supporter of the Salvation Army and enjoys helping his fellow Indian countryman adjust to new lives in the United States. Although he generally has limited time for relaxation, he enjoys watching cricket, ping-pong, and other sports on television.

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All state Insurance Co.


2001 to 2002

My Tax Accounting & Business Service, LLC


2012 to Present

H & R Block

Tax Prepare

2006 to 2014


Government of Law College


1982 to 1987

Maryland board of Public Accountancy


1989 to 1990

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


1978 to 1982