Henry Gellis

Henry Gellis - Investor and Business Leader in Los Angeles

The longtime owner of Gellis Investment Management in Los Angeles, Henry Gellis leads a firm that supports companies in a variety of market sectors, including health-app development, stress reduction, and nutrition. Through his firm, he has purchased stakes in private and public companies, including Awaken.com, in which he is a founding investor. Also Awaken.com's president, he guides the website in producing content for users interested in topics related to positive health and wellness.

Complementing his professional commitments, Henry Gellis was recently appointed as an advisor for the Golden Rule Day Project, a nonprofit group dedicated to spreading the Golden Rule. With his help, the project hopes to gather enough signatures to declare an official Golden Rule Day in California.

In his private life, Henry Gellis enjoys reading nonfiction titles like Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces and R. D. Laing's two-part book The Politics of Experience and The Bird of Paradise.

Address: Los Angeles, CA
Website: https://henrygellis.wordpress.com/


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Syracuse University

BA, History