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Soupitak Pal

Soupitak Pal Is a Lover of the Arts

Address: Goleta, California

Soupitak Pal is not working in his research lab, he is an avid lover of the arts and even creates some of his own. Soupitak plays guitar and composes his own songs. He also enjoys writing poetry and short stories and has even helped produce a short film. He considers himself a simple and emotional person with a deep love of mankind.


Soupitak Pal hopes to put his experience as a materials science researcher to use as a professor of materials science and engineering in the next ten years.


Bakharat High School


June 2001

Soupitak Pal grew up in West Bengal, India, and this is where he received his early education and developed a love of science at a young age. Soupitak graduated with high marks from Bakharat High School in June 2001.


Soupitak Pal hopes his research and expertise in the field will allow him to one day teach materials science theory and engineering skills to students who share his passion for the natural world.