Dr Dennis Hooper

Successful Pathologist and Mold Researcher Dr. Dennis Hooper

An accomplished medical professional, Dr. Dennis Hooper is the owner and head of research of Medical Service Consultation, International, LLC. He oversees the company's research in the field of molds and mycotoxins and is responsible for publishing peer-reviewed journal articles focused on the research his company conducts. Over the years he has written numerous articles on such topics as chronic illnesses associated with mycotoxins and mold and mycotoxin detection. Beyond his position at Medical Service Consultation, Dr. Dennis Hooper serves as medical director and consultant at Real Time Laboratories, LLC, and as an expert witness for DNA evaluation of molds and mycotoxins.

Dr. Dennis Hooper prepared for his career by earning a PhD in microbiology from the University of California, Davis, and an MD from the University of Nevada School of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training in pathology and subsequently began working as the pathologist in charge at the Naval Hospital in San Diego. Since then he has held a variety of hospital staff appointments and academic roles in both California and Texas. Dr. Hooper has been recognized several times for his high-quality clinical and research work and has received two research grants from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research for his work with cytokines and rapid diagnosis of infectious agents in patients with HIV.


Medical Services Consultation, International LLC

Head of Research

2004 to Present

U.S. Navy


1976 to 2001


University of Nevada, Reno


1979 to 1983


Head of Research