Tony Mariot

Dr. Tony Mariot - Biblical Research

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Tony Mariot works for the University of Oxford as a research writer on Biblical matters. The position requires that he produce research documents that can help graduate theology students as they pursue their studies. Dr. Tony Mariot's scholarly background includes a period supporting the Institute of Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem while it conducted an investigation of a site more ancient than the Wailing Wall.

Complementing his work for the University of Oxford, Dr. Tony Mariot produces books and other commentaries regarding important Christian issues. For instance, he authored the Behind the Faith book series, which includes two publications. The first concerns the Book of Revelation and the second discusses advanced citizenship.

Address: Beverly Hills, CA, US


National Geographic and University of Oxford

Research Writer

Feb 1, 2009 - Present


University of Oxford - Christ Church


Jan 1, 2005 - Jun 1, 2009

University of Oxford - St. Peters College

Masters Science

Jan 1, 1992 - Jun 1, 1994

National University


Jan 1, 1980 - May 1, 1984