Mohsen Grayeli

Mohsen Grayeli Owns and Leads ASAP Construction Management, LLC

Address: Great Falls, Virginia

A 20-year veteran of the real estate industry, Mohsen Grayeli has owned and served as president of ASAP Construction Management, LLC, since 2003. In this role, Mohsen Grayeli leads the real estate holding company in investing in and remodeling properties.

When selecting real estate worthy of receiving financing, Mohsen Grayeli personally looks for properties on the open market and in short sale. In performing an analysis, he uses numerous factors to evaluate financial potential and determine which properties should generate the best return on investment. Also responsible for quality control, Mr. Grayeli reviews blueprints, hires contractors, ensures the correct materials are purchased, and verifies that all alterations meet local codes and regulations. Furthermore, he checks on contractors every day throughout the entirely of the project to verify that they precisely follow each step of the construction process.

Particularly experienced in commercial and residential real estate, the business owner has expanded ASAP into offering project management and building renovation services to government clients. Most recently, he oversaw the construction of the Court of Appeals in Washington, DC.






Gannon University

Electrical Engineering

1977 to 1979